Aug 23, 2008

Prayer by Dutch Sheets

The following is a global prayer circulated by Dutch Sheets.

I thought it appropriate that it should be here. It is a bit long but it is good.

You are blessed when you pray.


(A Prayer Template for addressing Idolatry, Bloodguilt, Immorality, and Broken Covenants – on a global basis).

Father God I / we come to you, the Creator of heaven and earth, the Holy One who revealed yourself to Israel as YHWH (Yahweh), the eternal “I AM” – the covenant-keeping God. I / we acknowledge that You are the only true God, the Supreme God of Gods and King of Kings. I / we believe that you have revealed Yourself through Jesus Christ who came in the flesh, died on the Cross, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven to sit at Your right hand on the throne. I / we enter now into Your Presence through the way Jesus Christ opened by the sacrifice of Himself on the Cross and come before you in His Name. I / we confess that I am / we are saved by faith through the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross and not by works, and that my / our salvation was a gift from You. I / we submit myself / ourselves under Your authority as the Judge who has the power to forgive sin and bring healing.

I / we come before You today in confession and repentance on behalf of myself and my ancestors (ourselves and our ancestors) to ask You to break the power of sin in my life and the lives of my people – the tribe / clan / ethnos that I / we represent, and all from all forms of work and stewardship under our influence and authority.

I / we want to honour my earthly father and mother an all my ancestors of my own flesh and blood, but I reject their sin and turn my back on it. I forgive my ancestors for the effect of their sins on my descendants and on me. I confess and reject all my own sins and ask You to allow the Holy Spirit to apply the power of the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross in my life and to release the victory of the Cross over sin and bondages in my life as well as those of my descendants. I also ask You to allow the Holy Spirit to apply the power of the blood of Jesus Christ over Satan and all his hosts of darkness. I believe through faith that the victory is available right now. You Lord God are the same yesterday, today and forever – You are the Alpha and the Omega – You are the beginning and the end – You are the God who is – who was – and who is to come.

I / we now utterly renounce anything of the past as having any right of entrance or influence upon my / our future. I / we declare in the spiritual realm and upon the earthly realm that I (our), my (our) inheritance, my (our) descendants, my (our) office, and all that I (we) identify with as (a) steward(s) of what God has entrusted to me / us – turn completely and unreservedly to the Lord and to His destiny and to His release for all He will choose to do in and through me / us.

From this point on – the singular pronoun will be used – but when it needs to be used in a corporate setting – please apply accordingly. It is important we allow the Lord to bring revelation in how we pray – and for Him to bring revelation to what we cover – both individually and corporately. At times you may need to pause and sense how the Lord brings immediate revelation as this template for prayer is followed.


I confess that my ancestors and I were involved in the sin of idolatry. I now reject and renounce all forms of idolatry.

I reject and renounce the worship of images made of wood, stone, gold, bronze, or any other material.

I reject and renounce the worship of sacred pillars, poles or obelisks or statues, as well as the worship of standing stones, trees or any other similar objects.

I reject any sense of self-idolatry and supremacy over other people that my family may have expressed as part of their inheritance or right.

I reject and renounce all myths, legends, and stories about gods and spirits and also all incantations that are used by any nature worship and the worship of creation in the sun, moon, stars, planets, or the earth itself.

I reject and renounce any gods and spirits worshipped in my culture which I do not know, and I list those names I do know and renounce them by name (take time – each person needs to think and pray on their own at this moment). I now turn my back on those gods and in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ ask that they be made the footstool of Jesus.

I reject and renounce all forms of animal worship or totems. I sever all soul ties with the animal kingdom and every animal worshipped in my culture – including all forms of superstition involving animals.

I reject and renounce all worship and charming of snakes, serpents, dragons or any other water spirit or spirit of fire.

I reject and renounce all worship of plants in my culture, including the witchcraft use of plants as medicines in alternative healing not placed under the Blood Christ who is the Great Physician. I cut myself and my family loose from all magic powers, secret formulas and medicines, false healing and healing powers introduced from the East that is empowered by the physic realm and brings no glory to Jesus Christ. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cut myself, my ancestors’ and descendants’ names free from any person, gods or evil forces, which would use our names to bring us under their power and authority.

I reject and renounce any allegiance I or my families – present and past - have ever made with any ancient spirit finding its origin in either the spirit of paganism (Genesis 3) or the spirit of humanism (Genesis 11). I therefore reject and renounce all forms of ancestral worship, including ceremonies and rituals at ancestral tombs and graves – even when fashioned in the form of a monument honouring my ancestors. I state that there will be no more idol worship in my family lineage.

I reject and renounce all forms of worship of my nationality or national emblems of my country. I reject and renounce any self-centeredness, self-exaltation, self-seeking of pride in human accomplishments. I also reject any form of rebellion against God’s authority that has taken place at any time by any member of my ancestral lineage – past or present.

I reject and renounce all forms of exclusiveness, including those of any secret society or organization that excludes membership of certain people and would suggest that they have the “hidden truth” not revealed to infidels.

I reject and renounce all forms of ideologies and arguments in my culture that has exalted itself against the knowledge of God

I ask forgiveness for every ungodly sprinkling and incense burning in temples of idols and reject and renounce it as practices of Satan and idol worship. I reject and renounce any altars to idols whether it is images, ideas, or ideologies. In so doing I cut my soul ties – and those of my family – with any priests or priestesses, or temples and places of worship as well as all worship rituals and ceremonies with idols. I totally renounce and cut myself free – and my family - from all superstition and any observances and remembrances of special days, seasons, or ceremonies performed for idols in my culture.

I reject and renounce any belief in incantations and formulas, as well as rituals and prayers during burials that are not centred upon Jesus Christ – He who is the Way – The truth – and The Life.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cancel all curses, charms, incantations and magic or witchcraft done against us in the name of any spiritual force and take us out form under the mastery of Satan, the cosmic universe, or any document and place it under the Lordship of the True God revealed in three Persons: - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I petition for protection for myself and my descendants and family against any spiritual force still worshipped by my family or people in my culture through ceremonies, rituals, or observances.


I confess that my ancestors and I have been involved in the sin of bloodshed. I accept the guilt of this sin on behalf of myself and my family.

I confess, reject and renounce all shedding of blood at illegal altars to idols or spiritual forces, whether blood of animals or humans.

I confess the sin of bloodshed in abortion and acknowledge that it is murder and the shedding of innocent blood and reject this practice.

I confess, reject and renounce any bloodshed through murders or killings done by my ancestors during times of war that my ancestors or I were involved in, whether it be through defence or attack.

I confess the sin of committing land clearances and the removal of innocent people from their own land. This is nothing less than the shedding of innocent blood, and the breaking of covenants. Much of this involved immorality and rape of the land and its people. The theft of property and the theft of the dignity and freedom of people took place. I acknowledge on behalf of myself and my family that this involved the sin of usury, exploitation, control, manipulation and intimidation. I confess, reject, and renounce this sin committed before God and His people over every generation in my family lineage originating from Adam and Eve to the present – so that I, my family, and our descendants will never again be held responsible, and that the violation which has effected both spiritual realm as well as the physical ream will be removed under the blood of Christ.

I confess, reject and repent of any bloodshed through manipulation or scarification on my body or any body piercing done in opposition to the guidelines of Scripture.

I confess, reject and repent of any drinking or eating of blood done in my culture on my part or that of my ancestors - whether wittingly or unwittingly – whether as part of a covenant ritual - or a fraternity rite - even if it included the incorrect use of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. I confess, reject, and repent of any rituals involving blood, any documentation signed in blood, or any ceremonies where my ancestors or I used blood. I confess, reject, and repent of any blood covenants made with spiritual forces, people, or animals.

I forgive anyone who has committed bloodshed against me, my family, or my people. In the Name of Jesus, I ask that the blood of Jesus silences the voices of blood crying out against my family and me. I ask that the cycle of violence and bloodshed will stop and that no more revenge will be required. I ask that the mourning of the land caused through untimely bloodshed on the past of my family lineage will end now and the healing of land under the influence of my ancestral line will take place.


I confess that my family and I ave been involved in the sin of immorality. I confess, reject, and renounce any form of perversion in the lives of my ancestors or myself - the sin of incest in the family, intercourse outside of marriage, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, masturbation, fornication, premarital sex; prostitution, pornography, sexual abuse of any form, rape, the uncovering of my own or anybody else’s nakedness in perversity, multiple relationships (with our without practicing sex), any other form of uncleanness in my thoughts through watching x-rated movies, or movies with explicit sex scenes or through reading books. I ask forgiveness for any illegitimate births that have taken place within my family lineage. I break the curse of illegitimacy over my descendants ansd myself until the 10th generation.

I recognize that my involvement in sexual sin has contributed to a spirit of violence in the land and confess and repent of this activity. I forgive anyone who was involved in violating my body, thoughts or emotions through sexual assault. I ask now that the Blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse my body and soul from any memories, thoughts, wounds, or emotions.


I confess the sin of broken treaties in the lives of my ancestors and myself. I confess, reject, and renounce the practice of divorce. I now ask for forgiveness for the involvement in the breaking of marriage vows and I forgive all marriage partners in my ancestral lineage for breaking covenant within their marriage partners in any place and at any time. I forgive them for the effect this had has upon my life as well as the lives of my descendants.

I now choose to cut my descendants and myself free from the curse of broken covenants. I confess, reject, and renounce any broken covenants or treaties my country, my clan, or my people were involved in whether with God or with another culture or people.

I confess reject, and renounce any broken covenants my family of I committed in business and in every way that this has affected the national and international arena. I ask for restitution to take place as under the timing and direction of God whenever and wherever necessary. I confess, reject, and renounce any contribution I had to the breaking up of my family at any time in the past or present, and forgive anyone else who was involved in such a way.


In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and with the authority which I have as a believer in Him, I now declare that I have been redeemed out of the hand of Satan and all idolatry, and that I am cleansed of this sin and through His blood I am forgiven, sanctified, cleansed, and justified. I now turn my back on all forms of idolatry, take my territory back from Satan and tear up any contracts made with him.

I cut my descendants and myself free from all oaths, blood bonds and soul times with every person who was involved in any of then above. I ask for a total removal of al guilt and shame on my descendants and me for whatever sin we have been involved in. I now strip ancestral gatekeepers of their authority in my lineage and in my spheres of authority, and ask You Lord Jesus to destroy all ungodly keys that all ungodly keys , all papers of commission be torn up and these to be totally decommissioned. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask that You will now please close all evil doors and seal them permanently with Your blood. I declare that according to Isaiah 22:22 – whatever doors You close will never be opened, and whatever doors You open, will never be closed.

I declare that over my ancestral lineage – past, present, for the future – that the psychic door in our blood line be permanent closed under Jesus Christ who holds the key to life and death – and resurrection.

I ask forgiveness for myself and the involvement if my ancestors with all the above-mentioned and confess that it is an abomination in Your sight. I thank You Father, that you will never remember these sins and that You will remove them as far as East is from the West. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I now command very evil spirit to leave me immediately and all idols to come under Gods judgment. I pray that all curses on the land that exist due to my sin and the sin of my ancestors, be broken and nullified in the Name of Jesus Christ and that the land will be set free from my sin, and the sin of my
forefathers and their parents.

I declare the release of Your blessing upon the land – ecologically and economically, and in every level of security from personal to national, and international, and for the release of innovation and creativity upon the land – in order that in keeping with Leviticus 25:23-24, the full redemption of the land will be brought forth in a manner that reflects Your glory and honour, and which releases destiny into our lives and the land You have entrusted to us.

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You to send the reviving power of Your Spirit in to our families, our churches, our communities, our cities, and counties and territories, and our nations. Nothing is impossible for you Lord God – and by faith we release the power of Your reviving power in the areas of ecology, economy, banking and commerce, industry, politics, ethics and morality, health and education, as well as the rekindling of the Church as the prophetic mouthpiece of God in society today, speaking no longer with unrighteousness and compromise, but instead with authority and righteousness.

We choose LIFE!

IN Jesus’ Name – AMEN



In the name of God the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
And by the power of the Cross and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ;

We bind the spirits, powers, and forces of the earth, the underground,
The air, the water, the fire, the netherworld, and the Satanic forces of nature.

We rebuke any curses, hexes or spells,
And we send them back to where they came from -

We bind all demonic interplay, interaction, and communication –
We claim the protection of the shed Blood Jesus Christ over….

(Name the People / Buildings / Places / Territories etc)

And we state that no causeless curse shall alight!

There will be no backlash against any of us – our families – our – loved ones – our places of work – our churches – our ministries – those praying for us……we speak the full Armour of God over and around us – the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Girdle of Truth, the Gospel of Peace upon our feet to direct our steps – closing doors that are wrong – opening doors that are of the Lord – affirming the corporate Shield of Faith so that no arrow of the Enemy will be able to penetrate – the Helmet of Salvation so that we have the Mind of Christ and are hidden under His shadow - the Sword of the Sprit – so that we speak out the Word of God in season – and out of season.

We affirm a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit in accordance with Ephesians 5:18 – and put on the Full Mantle of Praise.

In the all-powerful Name of Jesus we pray – AMEN.

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